When should my student take the ISEE?

When should my student take the ISEE? It can be confusing deciding when and where your student should take the ISEE test. We discussed taking the test on a computer at a Prometric center vs taking it on paper at a school location in a previous blog post (click here), so now let’s discuss the “when” of taking the test. Testing Windows Students have three “testing windows” over the full year to take the ISEE, which is a radical change...
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Where to take the ISEE?

Where to take the ISEE? Parents often wonder what the best option is for their child to take the ISEE – a paper and pencil test offered at a school site or a computerized test offered at a Prometric center. There are pros and cons to both. We’ve outlined them below to help Davidson Tutoring families weigh the options and choose what might best suit their own student’s needs. Most of our students take the ISEE in a classroom setting...
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Spring Testing

Spring Testing Sharpen those Number 2 pencils, dust off the TI-84s, and set your watches…Spring is a time for cleaning, shopping, and tanning for Summer, but at Davidson Tutoring, we know that test taking season is in full bloom. SATs, ACTs, ERBs, APs!!! Yes, Dr. Suess could easily make a poem of those, but our point is that the need to prep for any exam is critical. No matter the test length or type, all tests have a few standard...
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GPAs vs SATs

GPAs vs SATs What started out as an IQ test for Army recruits in the early 1900s quickly became the most popular scholarship test for Ivy League schools. Today, the SAT is probably the most extremely useful tool in the college admissions process – something that many American high school students anxiously dread this time each year. With spring approaching rather quickly, news of admissions will soon reach these students as well; but many believe that what most colleges and...
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Benefits of Individual Tutoring

Benefits of Individual Tutoring Large group, small group, Skype, one-on-one instruction…the options are unlimited and can get a little tough to choose between when searching for the right fit for your child and his/her tutoring needs. At Davidson Tutoring, we pride ourselves in providing top notch individual instruction. Every student has a unique learning style that our tutors can teach to in a one-on-one setting, and the benefits of having individualized instruction exceed further than the classroom. One-on-one instruction provides...
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Study Skills Pointers & How to Be Prepared for Your Mid-Terms

Study Skills Pointers & How to Be Prepared for Your Mid-Terms Although it’s hard bouncing back from a winter break of relaxation and nothingness, school work has a way of catching up to us, and mid-terms are right around the corner! Use these study skills pointers to help you successfully get back into study mode and successfully perform on upcoming mid-term and final exams. Start Early It’s true what they say…you can never be too prepared in life. This holds...
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Tell Us a Little About Yourself…

Tell Us a Little About Yourself… The private school application process is quite the grueling one! It entails lots of emotional ups and downs, uncertainty, nail-biting, and an admissions interview that can only be compared to a long-drawn-out job interview. We strive to make the task as smooth and low-stress as possible with our customizable curriculum that’s specifically outlined to meet the individual needs of your child. However, most eleven and twelve-year-olds aren’t designed to be put on the spot...
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Common Core Standards: A Cookie Cutter Catastrophe

Common Core Standards: A Cookie Cutter Catastrophe I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but as a nation, are we really making the right choice for our children by implementing a one-size-fits-all educational outlook? Although we are only five more states away from full implementation, and the impact of the Common Core Standards on education won’t be apparent for a few more years, I’m not fully convinced that the effects will be entirely beneficial. Pros The Common Core Standards are...
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ISEE – the jumpstart

ISEE – the jumpstart As the ISEE season begins, families are beginning the application process for their students to apply to private school. As you prepare, here are a few tips to help you organize. First, there are three levels of the ISEE test: Lower Level, Middle Level and Upper Level. If your students are in 4th or 5th grade this year, they will be taking the Lower Level Test. If your students are in 6th or 7th grade this...
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