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Score Higher on Tests Like the SAT, ACT, and ISEE
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There’s a future full of opportunity waiting for your student.

With the right academic partner, you can help them achieve that future.

Get a Tutor That’s a Great Fit for Your Child

We take time to learn about your child, and guarantee to find their perfect-match tutor. No two students are alike, so we personalize instruction to fit your child.

Students Enjoy Learning and Gain Confidence

When learning is fun and results are clearly seen, your child’s confidence grows. We encourage positive attitudes & work hard to bring out the best in your student.

Increase Your Child’s Chances of Getting Into the Right School

We’ll help your child test into the right school. Important tests can stress anyone out. Our aim is to increase confidence and decrease stress so your student can achieve success.

Your child deserves the best chance at success. You can give it to them.

Davidson Tutoring caters to parents who want their kids to get into the right school, gain confidence, and excel at life. We offer one-on-one private tutoring and guarantee the tutor we assign to your student will be a great fit. If they aren’t, we’ll work until we get it right.

“We had an incredible experience working with Davidson.

Our 6th grader took the ISEE this week after months of preparation and tutoring. Her score jumped significantly compared to her pre-test.”

Robin S., Davidson Tutoring Parent

Built for parents who want only the very best for their kid.

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The Davidson Tutoring Student Success Plan

Step 1

We’ll answer all of your questions and help in any way we can.

Step 2

Get private in-home or online tutoring that gives your student the confidence and skills to do their best.

Step 3

Your child gets into the school of their choice and excels academically.

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One-on-one | In-Home and Online | Grades K-12

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We understand it’s difficult to know you’re doing the right things to help your child academically.

Davidson Tutoring is a partner you can rely on to help guide your student to success.

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Trusted by Parents Like You

“Davidson Tutoring matched my daughter with a wonderful tutor who helped her with both ISEE prep and executive functioning skills.

She helped her organize, pace her studies and ultimately master the material for the test. The company is very personal and truly cares for the process and outcome. Would absolutely recommend and will definitely come back for other tutoring needs!”

Iliana F., Davidson Tutoring Parent

“I cannot say enough about the incredible experience we had with Davidson.

They spent so much time asking about my child to find the perfect tutor for him. I kept saying I wanted a stress-free experience for my child and that I just wanted him to enjoy learning new things, not feeling like he was having to stress about a test. Our tutor did exactly that. He made it fun and relaxed and my son looked forward to the sessions and did amazing on the test.”

Laurie H., Davidson Tutoring Parent

Like you, we care about your kid’s future.

At Davidson Tutoring, we know that you want the best for your child. Part of that includes them doing well in school and scoring high on important placement tests. The issue is that these tests are hard and schools are competitive, which makes you feel worried about your child’s future.

We believe you shouldn’t need to worry about whether your kid is getting the best possible opportunities in life.

We understand it can be difficult to choose the right tutor—one you can trust to help your child succeed.

This is why we use only exceptional tutors, offer a tutor match guarantee, and partner with you every step of the way.

Reach out and we’ll discuss your academic goals—both current and future—for your kid. We’ll make sure you get tutoring that gives your kid the confidence and skills to do their best and succeed in school and in life.

Contact us today so you can stop worrying about your child’s future, and instead give them the best chance possible to reach their full potential.

Davidson Tutoring 10 Foolproof study tips for Student Success. Photo of smiling girl.

Download this easy-to-use FREE set of foolproof study tips to help your student succeed!

Give your student every advantage possible. This PDF is designed for parents. Follow this guide, and you can help your student get the most out of their study time.

Your child’s education & future are important. Don’t leave them to chance.

Placement tests are no joke, and the students with the best tutoring have the best chance at success. Getting into the right school makes sure your child won’t miss out on a lifetime of opportunities.