Back to school is here!

  • August 19, 2010

Back to school is here!

Dear Davidson Families,


Back to school is here! We have been busy this Summer with refresher courses that help students get a jump start on next year. Would you like your child to review last year’s Math curriculum before his first day back? Is there a grisly Science course they’ve just discovered they’re enrolled in? We can meet for a few review sessions to help your students get back into the swing of things.

Study skills are essential to help work flow and keep assignments organized! If your child spends more time hunting for assignments in her room than actually working on them, call us! We will help develop a study schedule that fits your student’s needs and help your child learn to prioritize and organize. Start this year off right with a study skills and organization session.

What standardized tests will your child be taking this year? Davidson Tutoring has customized curriculum for the ISEE, PSATs, ERBs, HSPT, SATs, AP Exams and the SAT 2 Subject Tests.

You can visit our website,, or call us at 818-345-3511 for information.


Are You Ready for the Back to School?

Does your back to school list keep growing? Most parents dread the meetings, the shopping and the time demands that back to school requires. Bloggers Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblat give a few germane tips to help you keep sane during the month long whirlwind of shopping, meetings, and paperwork.


What about Gadgets?

Not to fear! Tech saavy Angelinos would sooner leave their shoes behind than go a day with their gadgets. Our kids can steal our iphones, download apps, email pictures and stream Justin Bieber faster then we can look in our purses to notice they’re missing. But how can we tell what our kids really need? Blogger RJ Evans sheds some light with a great list of skill builders and homework helpers. We are all especially impressed with the stapler.

August 26th is National Dog Day

They say every dog has its day? Well, that day is August 26th. National Dog Day was founded by Colleen Page to honor dogs for their patience and unquestionable loyalty. Give your poochy and extra smoochy on August 26th and remember that the best place to find a dog is through a shelter, a pure breed rescue group or a verified reputable dog seller. Want more information? Visit to get information about adopting a dog on National Dog Day. Don’t have time? Don’t worry, we still have National Puppy Day, National Cat Day, Nationally Specially-Abled Pets Day, National Farm Animals Day and National Pets Day yet to celebrate, so stay festive.


Academic Tutoring Update

If your child comes home from the first day feeling queasy about that Chem course, we can help. Our instructors are ready for homework help, extension activities and exam prep. Call us if there is a Science Project, a research paper and we will send an instructor to you to help decrease your child’s stress level and focus their energy constructively on the tasks at hand.

Davidson Tutoring is proud to announce that they will be continuing their hugely successful interview coaching program for ISEE students this year with company owner, Paul Davidson. If your child is anxious, shy, or just plain horrified about that school interview, call to talk about how interview coaching can prepare your child for that daunting part of the application process.

We look forward to the 2010-2011 Academic Year and look forward to assisting your children in their academic growth.


The Davidson Tutoring Team


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