Individual Instruction for Study Skills & Group Tutoring for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ERB

  • February 1, 2016

Individual Instruction for Study Skills & Group Tutoring for the SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ERB

Frequently, when we speak with parents, they know that their child needs individual tutoring. The reasons range from a child’s tendency to tune out to their need for specific attention in certain portions of Math, Science or a Foreign Language. We’ve gone back and forth with parents about which is the best fit for their kids, so we’ve laid out some advantages of small group and one-on-one tutoring.

Small Group Tutoring / Buddy Tutoring (an option for SSAT, ISEE, SAT, ERB test prep)
– Great for similarly paired academic minds with the same goal
– If they all have the same score goal for their test, they will need to practice similar strategies
– Friendly competition, students are spurred on by their peer
– Explanation: sometimes students connect better with their peers to explain concepts
– Peer editing; group feedback on the SAT, ISEE and SSAT practice essay goes a long way

The caveat of small group tutoring is the need for a great moderator who can move the pace along, equalize share time with the students and facilitate a productive session for all students.

Individual Tutoring
– Great for students who are behind or ahead who need specific attention in concepts
– Share time is no issue; the students receive the full, undivided attention of the instructor
– Coverage. A private tutor is able to cover a lot of detail in a short time. They can work at your child’s pace and become very familiar with your child’s capacity for learning.
– Student must actively participate in the session and cannot rely on peers to supply missing information.
– Attention span: any tutor recognizes the glazed eyes of a student and knows the student needs to be more engaged with a game or more active questioning. This is easier to recognize with only one student.

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