On Saturday evenings, two hours of peace

  • August 16, 2016

It is the denouement of Summer 2011 and most families are throwing their bags on the airplane conveyor belt for the final flight home. We are watching the twitter updates as friends in other districts drop off their kids for the first day of school and other parents are frantically dragging their hoards of children through Target with school lists and two shopping carts full of Justein Beiber staplers and myriad school supplies.

This time of year is a great time for a few deep breaths before mayhem truly erupts and disconnects us completely from a sane world. The connondrum for parents is (and always has been) the commitment that their children have to family versus the (abundant) external commitments. In the planning stages, this school year could use some regrouping as we consider the need for leisure time and proper scheduling. Mentally, adults and children need consistency and breathing time. The best favor you can do for yourself and your family is set realistic expectations for the year and plan to have chunks of time that allow for leisure. Mentally knowing what times are for work and what times are for leisure will alleviate the pressing guilt we feel of not constantly moving. Remember to set aside time for family this year and fight against the demands on your time that encroach upon these moments.

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