Hanging on the Summer

  • August 24, 2016

Hanging on the Summer

Are we still clinging desperately to our beach towels as Fall grasps us by the heels and drags us kicking and screaming into the school year?

We spend a great deal of time planning, creating checklists and perfecting the balancing act that is life. We look longingly to the possibly peace we may find sitting with a cup of coffee (yes, coffee, I don’t know what the deal is with you tea drinkers) enjoying the peace. We have survived the summer and have shuttled the last carpool of lacrosse pole waving, oboe tuning, soccer ball throwing herd to day camp. We have successfully fed our kids a nutritious diet and kept their TV watching to a moderate level and have bribed and bullied them through their Summer reading. When we finish the Summer and fly through amazon trying to get every Mead notebook and number two pencil sharpened before school resumes. We finish the last list, throw the last bagged lunch into the book bag. And, wait, what is that we hear? Above the din of barking dogs and xbox games, we hear a distant sound.


Hang in there, moms and dads.

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