Visit the California Science Center

  • May 10, 2016

Visit the California Science Center


As if it wasn’t awesome enough already, the California Science Center in downtown Los Angeles is slated to receive the space shuttle Endeavor after its final launch on May 16th, 2011. The Endeavor will be decommissioned after its final flight along with its sister shuttle, the Atlantis, which is heading to the Smithsonian. The Endeavor has been used in 25 space missions over the course of 19 years, most recently to assist in the construction of the International Space Station.

The California Science Center is home to other priceless vehicles and spacecraft and already is a worthwhile destination for any classroom or family looking to understand the great wonders of the ecosystem or gain a deeper understanding of life-changing inventions over the course of the last century. It is an honor for California to be selected to permanently host this piece of history. The date is not certainly for the completion of the exhibit, but Angelinos wait with anticipation for this unveiling. In the meantime, we highly recommend a visit to the California Science Center as part of your Summer agenda.

CREDIT: NASA/Jack Pfaller

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