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There are many factors in a student’s application process: ISEE scores, school grades, ERB scores, teacher recommendations, and the school interview. Don’t let low ISEE scores be the factor that limits your student’s school options. The best way to improve your student’s score is with personalized ISEE test prep with a private tutor from Davidson Tutoring.

Getting the best score possible on the ISEE begins with high-quality tutoring from experienced tutors.

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Online Practice Tests

Practice tests are an ideal way to prepare for important placement, admissions, and achievement tests. We currently offer free and for purchase online diagnostic and practice tests for the ISEE.

Online ISEE Diagnostic Test

Have your student take our free ISEE diagnostic test to better understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. Then give us a call so we can customize a private, one-on-one ISEE test prep program that is tailored specifically to your son or daughter.

Free Online Test

Five Additional ISEE Online Practice Tests

In addition to our free diagnostic test, we have five additional online practice tests for purchase that will help prepare your student for the ISEE. They allow you to track your student’s progress over time and see where he/she is improving and where he/she may need more work.

Our additional online practice tests are available as a stand-alone online purchase of $300. They are also included in our private, one-on-one ISEE Extended, Core and Express packages.

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Free Online Diagnostic Test

Free Online Test

What is the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a three-hour admissions test that has three levels:

  • Lower: (for students applying to grades 5 and 6, not the grade they are currently in)
  • Middle: (for students applying to grades 7 and 8, not the grade they are currently in)
  • Upper: (for students applying to grades 9, 10, 11 and 12, not the grade they are currently in)

The ISEE has five sections:

Verbal ReasoningConsists of vocabulary and sentence completion
Quantitative Reasoning – Consists of word problems and quantitative comparisons
Reading Comprehension – Consists of reading passages and questions
Mathematic Achievement – Consists of mathematical problems with one or more steps
Essay * – Writing sample portion, which asks students to respond to a topic statement.

*The Essay is not graded but photocopied and mailed to the schools where your student applies along with his/her score report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the ISEE?2020-05-27T01:34:17+00:00

The fall/winter test dates for the ISEE are typically released in August. Once the dates are available, you can register here. The ERB charges a $95 registration fee for the ISEE test.

When should we start tutoring?2020-05-27T00:06:11+00:00

Your program start date depends upon the test date you select and which of our ISEE programs you choose. Generally speaking, our families usually begin instruction between July and early September.

Free ISEE Prep materials from the makers of the ISEE2020-05-08T18:51:08+00:00

The ERB provides “What to Expect” preparation materials at no cost when downloaded from their website. If you would rather have it in book form, you can buy it for $20. These materials offer parents and students the opportunity to review the types of questions presented on each level of the ISEE test, but are not meant to be training for exam strategies or “shortcuts.”

How often may my child take the ISEE?2020-05-08T18:49:31+00:00

Students can take the ISEE during three testing windows – Fall (August–November); Winter (December–March); and Spring/Summer (April–July). Students may take the test only once per window, or up to a maximum of 3 times in a 12-month admission cycle.

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