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Online Video Tutoring via Skype

Access the Best Tutors

With Davidson's Skype Test Prep and Tutoring students are not limited in their choice of tutor by who lives in their area. Davidson can match a student with the absolute perfect tutor regardless of where that tutor is in the country.


Students are busier today than ever before, and because Skype can be accessed anywhere, it can be tailored to any individual student's schedule. No matter where students are - at school, at home, or on vacation, they can access the instructor that's right for them. The feedback we have received reveals that some students are better able to focus when the tutoring is done via Skype and some students take it more seriously.


One of the best uses of Skype tutoring is for students with special circumstances - they have a unique learning style, they are coming in with a very high score to begin with, or they only need help in one subject area. Our Skype tutoring is results driven.

Online video tutoring with Skype allows students access to the best tutors in the world!

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