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ERB Test Prep

The ERB is not an entrance exam, but an achievement test to ascertain how much students are learning. We offer three packages to help prepare your student.

ERB Extended Program

21 Hours
  • Fourteen, 90 Minute Sessions
  • Unique ERB Curriculum
  • One-on-One In-Home Tutoring
  • Online via Skype Available
  • $2,499

ERB Core Package

15 Hours
  • Ten, 90 Minute sessions
  • Unique ERB Curriculum
  • One-on-One In Home Instruction
  • Online via Skype Available
  • $1,999

ERB Single Session

1.5 Hours
  • A Single 1.5 Hour Session
  • Unique ERB Curriculum
  • One-on-One, In-Home Instruction
  • Online via Skype Available
  • $150 Per Hour ($225 Per Session)

What is the ERB?

There is no test named "the ERB." Although parents, teachers, and school administrators often use this term to describe all ERB testing programs used by their school. Each of ERB's four testing programs has its own name and is designed to evaluate content and skills taught in each grade level.

The "ERB" test that some students in Los Angeles take is the Comprehensive Testing Program, or CTP 4. Other students take the comparable SAT 9 exam. These tests comprise ten levels that span grades 1 through 11. Content of CTP 4 and SAT 9 captures mathematics, with test score reports that organize items into curriculum-specific content clusters.

Davidson Tutoring offers an ERB program designed to meet the needs of your student:

  • 15-Hour comprehensive program
  • Reviews all aspects of the ERB test in ten, 1.5-hour sessions on a one-on-one basis with a knowledgeable Davidson Tutoring instructor
  • Prepares your student for all of the different kinds of questions that will be on the ERB test.
  • Forms great ERB study habits.
  • Helps students master all ERB test-taking strategies
  • Enables your student to prepare using the most updated materials available specifically created for the ERB test

* Davidson Tutoring is an independent organization unaffiliated with ERB. ERB does not endorse any test prep programs.

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