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Test System Help

How do I start a test?

Once you are logged in, select the "Practice Test" tab in the navigation. On that page you with see a blue "Take Practice Test" button. Click that to start your test.

Do I have to take the entire 2.5 hour test (all five sections) in one sitting?

It is recommended that you take the entire test in one sitting to simulate taking the actual ISEE test. It builds your stamina and confidence. However, the practice test system does allow you to take just one section of the test at a time. For example, if you take the first section of the test, Verbal Reasoning, you may return later at any time and continue with the next section, Quantitative Reasoning.

I finished one section of the test, but how do I move on and take the next section of the test?

Begin the next section of the test by clicking the rectangular, orange "Continue Practice Test #1" button. It is located on the bottom left below the first Verbal Reasoning score.

Can I take a Practice Test more than once?

Yes, you can. After finishing a practice test, click on the a Blue button "Take Practice Test Again". You must complete all five sections of the Practice Test in order to take the take the test again.

What if I only want to take a specific section of the practice test again, and not all the sections?

If you only want to take a specific section of a test again, say Reading Comprehension (the third section), without taking the two test sections in front of it, just "skip through" them. What this means is you can take the sections without answering any of the questions. Just start the section, scroll to the bottom without answering any questions and click finish. Your score for the section(s) you "skip through" will be zero because you didn't anser any of the questions, but that's okay since you only wanted to re-take the Reading Comprehension test section.

How do I view my missed questions and answer explanations? All I see is pie charts.

Click on the button labeled "Details". It's on the bottom right under the "Actions" heading and to the left of the trashcan icon.

Still having trouble?

Send us an email detailing your problem. Click here to email us.

Please include the following information:

  1. What operating system does the computer have that your student used when taking the test?
    (i.e. Mac: Lion, Mac: Mountain Lion, etc. or PC - Windows 8, PC - Windows 7, etc.)
  2. What web browser was used when taking the test? (i.e. - Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  3. Which version of that browser? (ex: if Internet Explorer, version IE 8, IE 7, etc.)

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