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Apply for a part-time tutoring position with a leading test prep and academic tutoring company that’s been in business since the year 2000. We’re looking for top-tier tutors to work with our fabulous parents and students.

Why Tutor with Us?

  1. Design your own schedule – you tell us the hours you’re free and locations you want to tutor in, and we’ll match you with students.
  2. Get paid to drive to students’ homes (Mileage Reimbursement).
  3. Curriculum and paid training.
  4. Supportive office staff – We are fabulous!
  5. Direct deposit and opportunities for raises.

Job Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the position:

  1. High standardized test scores.
  2. Both Math & English Skills.
  3. Bachelor’s Degree.
  4. Extensive teaching experience and expertise.
  5. A relatively flexible schedule, particularly during evenings and weekends.
  6. Willingness to work on the Westside (Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Culver City, etc.) and/or the Valley (Encino, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, etc.).
  7. Reliable Transportation.
  8. Punctual; knowledgeable about communicating with parents and students.
  9. Engaging and articulate; we are looking for great teachers.
  10. Fun! Do you enjoy tutoring and helping students bridge the information on the page with the prior knowledge in their brains?

Testimonials from Past and Current Davidson Tutoring Instructors

“I’ve been working with Davidson Tutoring for almost 3 years and continue to be impressed with how dedicated they are to the success of everyone involved in the tutoring process.

From the students and their families to the tutors themselves. They take great care in pairing students with the right tutor, and continually check-in and monitor progress notes to make sure the fit continues to benefit both parties throughout the process. Tutors have access to an impressive library of educational materials and Davidson Tutoring is always willing to expand that library and provide tutors with any materials they may need. In my personal interactions with company members, from bottom to top, the staff of Davidson Tutoring is available to provide tutors with in-person or over-the-phone support to clarify questions, refine educational plans, or offer advice based on years of experience, and I know they provide that same level of personal attention to the families we work with. They also have a team of tutors from diverse backgrounds, and welcome and encourage sharing tips, techniques, and materials that may benefit the whole team. And they do it all with a sense of humor that helps take some of the stress out of the high expectations that can exist in this environment. I feel lucky to be part of such a dedicated and caring team of educators. They are some of the best in the business.”

Greg B., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“I worked for Davidson for a few years and couldn’t have had a better experience.

Their curriculum is great, really easy to work through, and I never felt unprepared or unable to provide a student with any extra material they needed. Davidson was GREAT about scheduling and organizing sessions — that kind of thing is not my strong suit, and it took a lot of pressure off me. The director replies to emails so quickly it’s like she’s a human auto-reply :) I’ve worked for other tutoring companies and had good experiences with them, but Davidson is by far the best educational company I’ve ever been a part of.”

Sean M., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“Davidson has been great to work with over the years. By being selective with instructors, the company can give us (tutors) the freedom to find the best setup for our students.

We can then combine our personal tutoring experience with the extensive company experience to generate a plan that works best for both parents and students. While I have done my best by my students for many years, it is nice to feel supported by an even more comprehensive team, should I need any additional materials or even advice.

I guess the bottom line is, the staff at Davidson are wonderful at providing tutors with any support they might need, as a result, helping us be the best version of ourselves for our students.”

Maria C., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“It has been a great experience!

I love the training at the beginning and how streamlined everything is! Thank you very much!”

Carina P., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“Working with Davidson Tutoring has been a fantastic experience!

I remember back to the application and interview process and how impressed I was initially with their professionalism and candor. Once I came on board, or relationship grew immediately, with ownership, but especially with the director who runs the day to day operations. She is eminently kind and fair. I can’t say enough good things about Davidson. They are an effective business that treats employees like a family. As for the tutoring aspect, they make life easier by providing top quality materials, handling all the payment, client recruitment, client follow up, and logistics. I started tutoring with Davison 12 years ago and I am happy to stay on their roster indefinitely. I can’t say enough about them and I highly recommend this company to anyone.”

John N., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“I love working for Davidson Tutoring.

From the get-go, they have been incredibly supportive and attentive to my needs as a tutor. I am always matched with the best families, and this company really takes care of its employees. I love that this company has the feel of a small, family-run business, without sacrificing the availability of resources and support. I also love that they focus on only the highest quality of materials and solutions for students and teachers.”

Naomi M., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“Davidson has renewed my faith that work doesn’t have to be a battle.

They have, bar none, the most supportive, caring, professional team I’ve worked with in any field. They are a company that puts people above the bottom line–both clients and instructors. Their mission truly is to create the best learning environment possible, for everyone involved.”

Mitch G., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

“I have been a tutor with Davidson for over 10 years.

I focus on ISEE tutoring, although I have tutored students for general subjects and other test prep. I have stayed so long as a tutor because Davidson truly values their employees, and gives us the freedom and to work with the students and families without micromanaging us. Having their trust and that freedom is very important, as other companies I have worked with, have done quite the opposite.

The ISEE materials are provided to tutors from Davidson and are continually updated as the test changes over the years. They ask for teachers’ input and provide access to resources if a student needs remediation or accelerated work. They understand that there is not a one size fits all approach to tutoring, especially with students differing knowledge levels, when it comes to a structured test such as the ISEE and are very willing to work with tutors and families to accommodate those needs.

Anytime I have an issue with the family, or a parent has a question I cannot answer, anyone on the team is available to reach out to the family in a timely manner, and answer those questions. They are constantly reaching out to us with updates, and best practices. When giving us tutoring assignments, if a location of the family is too far logistically for me to travel (LA traffic), they are understanding if I decline that job, or the time frame of the families availability doesn’t work with my schedule (as I have a full-time teaching job), they will work with me and the families to find the best compromise. To them, matching the best tutor with the student is the priority, while also keeping their tutors happy.”

Michelle K., Davidson Tutoring Tutor

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