The “Total Child” Philosophy – Interview with Gary Stern at Laurence School

The “Total Child” Philosophy – Interview with Gary Stern at Laurence School The “Total Child” philosophy at Laurence School in Valley Glen, CA sees children as individuals who benefit from a challenging curriculum, a character-based education, and an embrace of global citizenship. We wanted to hear from Gary Stern, Associate Head of School/Principal at Laurence about his take on student performance in the classroom in correlation with performance on standardized tests, and the impact of “teaching for the test” vs...
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The Doctor Is In: Learning Styles

The Doctor Is In: Learning Styles We recently spoke to Dr. Sara Fraser, Director of Student Support Services and School Psychologist at Curtis School, who offered her perspective on how to view and support the different learning styles of individuals. Do kids who have learning differences develop coping mechanisms that make them stronger in other places? Do other strengths develop to compensate for weaknesses? There seems to be a fine line between the development of compensatory strengths, and the reliance...
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Election Day AND International Women’s Day – A Fitting Tribute

Election Day AND International Women’s Day – A Fitting Tribute March 8th is International Women’s Day. It has been observed since 1911 as a day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Beginning with the Suffragette’s in the early turn of the century, women have fought for equality on a global scale. It is our great pleasure to enjoy the benefits from the fights and sacrifices of notable women around the world and across...
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An Academic New Year

An Academic New Year Final Exams and Prep for the Final Semester The New Year has us thinking about the best way to change study habits and rethink our students’ attitude about their homework. Are they happy with the way they approach their workload? Do they turn in their projects and homework with a sense of pride and accomplishment? We offer homework help and study skills to tweak and refine your students’ process as they plan assignments, organize research papers...
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ISEE Dec 4th Test Date

ISEE Dec 4th Test Date The December 4th ISEE test is almost here. Make sure your students are prepared. Let us know if you have any last minute questions.  
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October News

October News Dear Davidson Families, Has the return to school hit your student with a heavy homework load? Our instructors are prepared to meet for a few study skills sessions or some AP Physics review to get your child on track for a great school year. Is there a test they have to study for or a French teacher who is leaving them sans mots? No, we don’t tutor stand-up, but we have an instructor ready to help your child...
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Back to school is here!

Back to school is here! Dear Davidson Families,   Back to school is here! We have been busy this Summer with refresher courses that help students get a jump start on next year. Would you like your child to review last year’s Math curriculum before his first day back? Is there a grisly Science course they’ve just discovered they’re enrolled in? We can meet for a few review sessions to help your students get back into the swing of things....
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