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Our Tutors

Davidson Tutoring prides itself on having the most highly-trained and dedicated tutors anywhere. Every one of our private tutors has the ability to ace the tests and subjects they teach. More importantly, they each understand the challenges individual students may face and give them strategies to overcome those challenges.

Davidson Tutoring works with highly qualified and experienced instructors. Each instructor has a Bachelor's Degree and is either a working professional or graduate student. Davidson Tutoring provides extensive training and conducts reference and background checks on all instructors. We are a referral-based company and believe that our excellent reputation amongst our clients speaks for us. Our instructors represent Davidson Tutoring, therefore, we only hire the best, most qualified instructors.

How does Davidson Tutoring decide which instructor I receive?

There are many factors that affect a matching decision. The main items considered are the student’s and the instructor’s personality, academic strengths/weaknesses, schedule/availability, and location.

Can I request a specific instructor or a male/female?

A request can be made, but, unfortunately, Davidson Tutoring cannot guarantee a client will be matched with a specific instructor or a male/female. This is due to the many factors involved in scheduling, subjects needed, and personality.

Can I meet or interview the instructor before having him/her start with my student?

Unfortunately, due to several different factors, this is not possible. We will use the information you provide about your student to match him/her with a tutor who we feel is the best fit. You will have the opportunity to meet and evaluate the tutor during the first tutoring session. The first session is committed to building rapport with the student and beginning the one-on-one instruction.

What if I would like a different instructor than the one I am assigned?

Davidson Tutoring wants our parents/students to be completely satisfied with their instructor. We ask that parents/students first meet with an instructor before deciding if he/she is a good match. If, after having a session with the instructor, parents/students decide they would like a different tutor, Davidson Tutoring will speak to the tutor regarding your feedback, and, if necessary, secure another tutor as soon as possible to accommodate you (subject to instructor availability).

Will my student receive more than one instructor to fulfill their needs?

That depends. If a student needs academic tutoring in Physics and English, one instructor may not be able to do both subjects, so two different instructors would be assigned to the same student.

If s student is prepping for a standardized test (i.e. SAT, ACT, ISEE, ERB, SSAT, etc.), our test prep tutors are trained in all areas of that particular test.

Are the best tutors credentialed teachers?

Absolutely not. Just as a degree from a culinary school does not make one an excellent chef, nor does a teaching credential make one an excellent tutor. Any teacher or tutor will tell you that being an effective instructor is generally a combination of knowledge, experience, and talent. Being a trained teacher does not guarantee any of these three things. Some people are naturally gifted tutors and have a knack for conveying complicated concepts while simultaneously being great motivators.

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